Happy with the Rain

by Aliki van der Kruijs

Comments and questions

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  • Over the River  

    My wife loves, Loves, Loves the silk handkerchief I purchased for her. It came last night, beautifully packaged in a sleeve with your very nice photograph of what others may call threatening skies, but I call your Mother Nature Design Assistant. The date you created my wife’s handkerchief (May 9th 2014) was a beautiful Spring day here on the east coast of the United States of America, but I am very glad your evening was different. Thank you very much, I look forward to other creations of yours.

  • Jelena Brillenburg Wurth

    Got my scarf and I am so happy! Thank you very much, can’t wait to dress up and show off. Happy with the rain, now enjoying the sun.

  • Aliki van der Kruijs

    Hello! All the ordered items from the campaign “Happy with the Rain” are sent out this week. The Dutch orders will arrive before the weekend! The orders to the US, France and Australia will take some time to arrive.
    I hope you will be happy to wear the rain!
    Best Aliki

  • Aliki van der Kruijs

    The rain, actually STORM which came over the Netherlands the 9th of may made beautiful imprints! The textiles are back from the company who fixed them. This week I will make the products ready to send them out next week.


This campaign will be live soon, find out when by watching it.


€34 €32

Product description

Let it rain! Aliki van der Kruijs develops “Made by Rain’-prints on fabric, using a proprietary technique. In this particular method of printing, rain creates patterns in the material with the aid of colour pigments. Each fabric is different because of the changeable weather conditions in the creative process. An Amsterdam based tailor fabricates unique ties, handkerchiefs and scarves from the 100% silk Made by Rain textiles – no two alike: an equally chic, artistic and unique addition to your outfit.
100% Silk Shawl: 30×140 cm
100% Silk Handkerchief: 45×45 cm
100% Silk Tie: 5 cm width

How it’s made

Aliki van der Kruijs produces the “Made by Rain’-fabric herself on the roof of her Amsterdam studio. Local rain is responsible for the drop pattern, making this a typical Dutch product. Each ordered item will be delivered with an authentic certificate showing the exact time, date and location of production, as well as the number of millimetres of rain fallen on the fabric.
Why CrowdyHouse?
These items are produced by a laborious crafty printing method, which is depended upon the weather. The exclusive nature of the items makes this a limited edition product. In order to maintain this exclusivity, Van der Kruijs produces only small numbers. Crowdfunding ensures that the production remains in her own hands, and keeps the products affordable for those interested.
See it in real life?
Aliki van der Kruijs is happy to show you her products on appointment.
Depending on the weather the product will be delivered within 6 weeks.

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Ik maak "Made by rain" prints op textiel door een zelf ontwikkelde techniek. Hierdoor wordt het mogelijk om letterlijk het weer te "dragen". Voor een ... read more

Expected Delivery After Campaign ends

6 weeks for Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States


Dendel by RLautier - Natural Stone Objects

Campaign ends in

Groove Mini - Phone Stand by Bee9

€12 €9.60
Campaign ends in

Lamel Nº1 by Samosa

Campaign ends in